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The Aprile Family has always loved music and singing. Michael taught himself to play the guitar, as a young boy of around 16. Soon he began writing his own lyrics and guitar music. When he was saved, at age 23, he realized he had to begin writing music that honored the Lord—nothing else would do. He has now written and performed songs as special music in churches for over 20 years. His spiritual songs are so based in Scripture that several pastors have stated that they could have closed the service and gave an invitation when he finished singing them.

At the same time, Kathy began taking piano lessons and sang in choir at school. In college, Kathy developed her understanding of music with studies in the great masters’ works, taking music theory and appreciation.

It was no wonder that an appreciation for good music, dedicated to the Lord was the predominant theme in our family. Our children learned to sing at a young age and slowly each member began to join in as we sang together. In our desire to serve the Lord and love our neighbors, we began singing in church together and volunteered at nursing homes. Michael did some preaching at that point.

Over time, the whole family became enthusiastic about singing and we found that each member added their own aspect of harmony and voice to the group. Being a family, our voices blend superbly. Hymns are our favorite and, since the words of hymns are so Biblical and meaningful, we allow them to be heard by not drowning them out with our musical instruments. Don’t get us wrong, we are not against musical instruments at all. It is just that our blend of singing does not require them, so we sing a capella.

In fact, our son Aaron studied piano under talented and learned teachers, who taught him theory, transposition, and technique. As he has matured, Aaron has learned a unique expression of music that fits with the masters. Aaron was trained to play in churches and accompany congregational singing. We found that his piano playing is inspiring to listen to and can, at times, be uplifting and moving.

As a family, we offer soul-stirring, traditional music: a capella hymns in harmony, spiritual guitar songs, and beautiful piano music interluded with inspirational messages. We are offering this service to the Lord and performing at invitation of churches and other organizations. Our special blend of family harmony will lift your soul.

A Capella Hymns and Spiritual Songs—Michael, Kathy, Amy, Aaron, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Megan, and Matthew

Spiritual Songs (Vocal, Guitar)—Michael

Hymn Arrangements (Piano)—Aaron


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