Hear how we sound.

We will be adding songs here as we record them. These are not studio productions and will provide you with a better idea of how we actually sound when we are invited to your church or organization.

Here is Michael singing original songs and playing acoustic guitar:

Song: "A Message From God"
Song: "Gracefully"

Here are The Aprile Family singing a capella hymns in harmony:

Song: "Amazing Grace"
Song: "Come Unto Me"

Here is Aaron playing hymn arrangements on an electric grand piano:

Song: "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus"
Song: "More About Jesus"


8 Responses to “Listen”

  1. Aunt Pam Says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Michael sing beautifully and Aaron’s masterful work at the piano. The website is clever also (from another talented member)… now that I know about this I can listen whenever I want to be ‘near’ you guys. Webmaster, I hope you can ad a song with the family singing together soon!

  2. hearing yall singing on the web-site it feels like you are here with us

    the Lord has blessed all of you , for the love of Jesus our Lord & the faith that you have. I see it in what you do and believe. I love hearing the songs that you write & also God’s songs that you sing as a real family.
    everyone at church miss all of you. My prayers are with you.
    some don’t have computers so they won’t be able to hear it on the web-site. need information on how to get a CD to give them.

  3. Nichole Wade Says:

    Oh Kathy! I had no idea of the talent you have in your family! What a beautiful sound, the sound of a family singing songs of praise to our Saviour! I know many will be blessed by the hearing of not only music, but the word of God! Blessings to you all, and thank you for sharing! Nichole

  4. Very nice, I love to hear families singing. I studied music, and would love to get us all singing, except I can’t get the boys to sing! The girls are good though.

  5. Your family is really special blessed one.When I heard your song it really touched me and I feel that God is with you and He is leading your family.Without His blessings we can not do anything good.Once again I am giving thanks to God for wonderful vocal of your family.God bless you.

  6. I enjoyed listening to these wonderful songs. The last two hymns played on the piano were soothing which is what I needed. They were sent by God at the right exact moment. I have been ill and was feeling tense when the soft tones of “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus” wafted over my weary soul and let me relax. Now I can get to sleep, which is what I need right now. Thank you so much for this website.

  7. matthew aprile Says:

    good job aaron!

  8. Record and post, “The Greatest Sacrifice.”, please.

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